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ASCEND: this blend was made with the spirit of gratitude and the energy of uplifting the soul. I have used this as a body oil pick-me-up for it's bright citrus scents, and as a candle dressing for abundance and positivity spells! The Jojoba Oil, Yarrow, and Orange Peel are excellent skin healers as well, so it can be used as a heavier nighttime facial oil when a little extra deep moisturizing is needed.



    Jojoba, Avocado Oil, Yarrow, Dried Orange Peel, Essential Oil Blend.


    All Body & Ritual Oils can be used as a body oils for moisturizing (rub as much as desired onto skin), as well as for ritual purposes such as candle or amulet dressing (keep away from the open flame), annointing, creating ritual blends or jars, etc.

    For external use only - do not ingest.


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