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DIVINE: I created this blend with my sacred body in mind - honoring the divine that flows within us, around us, and among us. Made with a gorgeous combination of oils and plant magick, this thicker blend is luxury in a bottle for your skin (and excellent for healing and fading scarring too!)

Plantain contains a constituent known as allantoin - a chemical compound that encourages cell proliferation and promotes the growth of healthy tissue.  This powerful skin regenerating herb was infused into Castor oil due to it being a much thicker oil, providing a longer-lasting moisturizing effect, and preventing scarring from increasing in size due to drying/further stretching.⁣



    Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Plantain, Dried Orange Peel, Calendula Flower, Essential Oil Blend.


    All Body & Ritual Oils can be used as a body oils for moisturizing (rub as much as desired onto skin), as well as for ritual purposes such as candle or amulet dressing (keep away from the open flame), annointing, creating ritual blends or jars, etc.

    For external use only - do not ingest.


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