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Our Limited Release ALL HALLOWS' EVE Ritual Bath Salt is made with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Calendula flowers, and an essential oil blend that transports you to another world....


Leaves crunch underfoot. The caw of curious ravens in the distance can be heard,  as they circle the towering, Victorian, house that looms ahead of you. The air is crisp. Dusk settles in just as you step inside, greeted by the antique  scent of clove and leather.  This is a time for exploration and wonder.


Each ritual bath salt is handmade, just for you, with love, intention, and magick.  All ritual bath salts come with a 1-2 inch piece of quartz crystal, that has been cleansed under the moonlight, and charged with intentional energy.


Kept in it's airtight container, away from sunlight and moisture, bath salts will last approximately 6 months.

ALL HALLOWS' EVE {limited release!}


    Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Dried Calendula, Essential Oil Blend


    Add as much as desired to warm, running, bath water. Hold your quartz crystal or submerge into water, to help focus your energy. Use this time as a sacred experience for yourself, to connect with the spirit world, tap into your third eye, and receive any messages waiting for you from another realm.


    Hawaiian Black Lava Salt contains activated charcoal, and while it may leave a faded gray ring around some tubs and sinks, in my experience, it does NOT stain and rinses away easily with soap and water.

    That being said, I cannot speak for all bathtub materials and must note that Wild Magick is not responsible for any staining or misuse. 


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