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This aromatic beard oil offers intense hydration, softening, and conditioning properties with a soft, smokey, woodsy scent.


Rosemary is a vital ingredients in hair treatment products; this magnificent herb not only stimulates circulation that aids in hair growth, but it's also a great moisturizer for the the skin underneath the beard. The skin underneath your beard is important and must be cared for because if not properly moisturized, your run the risk of dandruff or patchiness developing, making the beard appear thin and unhealthy. Not to mention the bonus of rosemary having antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to help the skin and hair stay healthy!


WOODS is made by combining the rosemary infused avocado oil, with Vitamin E for extra skin and hair nourishing, Jojoba Oil (deeply hydrating, antimicrobial to fight infection, and gentle enough for both oily and dry skin), and a blend of essential oils that provide the perfect forest-y scent for our nature lovers.


When stored properly {sealed, in a cool, dark, place, and away from moisture and sunlight}, oils will last 3-6 months.



    Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosemary infused oil {avocado oil, rosemary}, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil Blend.


    Apply 5-10 drops of oil into palms of hands, and massage with fingers through facial hair.


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